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Barbara, Nicole & Madison

Baking is a tradition which started

more than 50 years ago with our mother/ grandmother who was forever making sweets, bread and jams - that is four generations of recipe and baking traditions! It continues at home with friends and family who gather with us over the holidays to bake cookies and pies.

It is what we do to unwind and relax.

We, (mother, Barbara, daughter, Nicole,

and granddaughter, Madison) invite you to visit TVB and enjoy our homemade foods.


friends & food philosophy

When we created the Village Blend, we wanted it to be so much more than a picturesque coffeehouse in the neighborhood. We endeavor to provide a warm, inviting, and friendly space created for real community connection ...and, of course, making those connections around "really good coffee and truly enjoyable food made with love and integrity".

Life is so sacred and short. It has always been so important for our family to take time reconnecting with friends and on our journey, making new friends. And since we are a multi-generation of passionate cooks and bakers, it was easy to build that sensibility into The Village Blend.

We would be remiss to not mention how absolutely fortunate we are to having gorgeous Harriman State Park as our backyard. The Village Blend has become a home away from home not just for locals of our beloved Sloatsburg but for new out-of-town friends.

We think of the Village Blend as a "feel-good hub" where you can surround yourself with nature and wonderful people... Come and enjoy a moment!

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